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Income Tax Refund Special
Income Tax Refund Special

140 lb. USDA Choice Steer Hindquarter (approx. cuts)

60-70 Steaks: T-Bone, Sirloin Tip, Cube Sirloin, Round, and Flank
3-5 Roasts: Sirloin Tip, Rump, and Bottom Round
15-25 lbs: Pure Ground Beef

$4.06 per lb. = $568.40

140 lb. USDA Choice Steer Frontquarter (approx. cuts)

10-20 Steaks: Rib, Swiss, plus Chuck Steaks if desired
8-12 Roasts: Prime Rib, Chuck & Cross Rib
8-12 Miscellaneous Cuts
20-30 lbs: Pure Ground Beef

$3.47 per lb. = $485.80

Combination of Both the above: 280 lbs Full Side USDA Choice Steer

Each individually cut and wrapped to your specification
Enjoy the convenience of a well stocked freezer

$3.43 per lb. = $960.40

6 months Free Locker with Full Side Purchase!

About Dry-Aged Beef

Dry-aging enhances beef flavor and tenderness. It is a lost art and we at Crown Foods are very proud to be the only processing source in the area. Our beef is locally grown in north Spokane in the Bigelow Gulch area to assure freshness and direct quality control. The beef is dry-aged between 14 and 28 days depending on the outer fat content. Dry-aging is a process where beef carcasses are stored without protective packaging at refrigeration temperatures for 2 – 4 weeks to allow the natural processes to occur that result in improved tenderness and the development of the unique flavor that can only be described as ‘dry-aged beef”.  The water loss actually concentrates flavor into the juices of the meat. If you have ever eaten at a fine steakhouse and marvel at the quality, you may have developed a keen appreciation for the benefits of dry-aging. For over 50 years, we process, cut, and wrap dry-aged quality everyday of the week at prices everyone can afford. 

Now Available - USDA Inspected ELK & BUFFALO

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